The Transportation Growth Initiative is an independent, Non-profit and Non- Governmental Organization established by stakeholders in the transportation and related industries for the purpose of building a unified platform for enhanced transportation efficiency in Nigeria and the Africa. It is a voluntary Organization which has its membership opened to all stakeholders in the transportation and related sectors, interested individuals locally and internationally, irrespective of Political, Religious, Cultural or Ethnic background, to provide scientific and technical appraisal and recommendations to government for implementation of innovative solutions in the sector. The TGI is supported by government at federal and state levels as well as key stakeholders and hosts annual transportation summit that brings together, Engineers, Scientists and other transportation professionals from the academia, practitioners and the general public. The objectives of the TGI as spelt out below are hinged on three focal points namely, Research, Networking and Conferences.

Aims and Objectives of TGI

  1. Bring together researchers, operators, regulators and unions in the transportation and related industry in a unified platform for providing scientific solution to the challenges in the industry
  2. Create for all stakeholders in the transportation industry an interactive platform for sharing and exchange of ideas for the betterment of the transportation industry in Nigeria and in the African continent
  3. Create avenue for training, education and enlightenment of stakeholders and the general public through conferences, workshops, seminars with local and international content
  4. Build a pool of sound human resource for coordinated recommendation of appropriate measures and counter measures to government for enhanced transportation services
  5. Interface with local and international organisations with similar objectives to promote best practices for efficient transportation system in Nigeria and in the African Continent
  6. Provide the need platform for professional development for upcoming transport professionals
  7. Partner with government to provide regulatory and implementation services in the transportation industry.

Why You Should Join the TGI

Government, Transportation practitioners, researchers, public officials, and other professionals need credible, high-quality information and research results to address the transportation challenges of the 21st century. The TGI engages professionals worldwide from an African perspective in a broad range of interdisciplinary, multimodal activities to lay a scientific foundation for innovative transportation solutions. Join us! Download the membership form here.

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