Transportation Growth Initiative Research Platforms

Research activities in the TGI is under 3 Platforms


Transportation systems across the developing world are inundated with intractable challenges requiring concerted efforts of all stakeholders, on the other hand, academics, research institutes and spirited individual researchers and related organizations are turning out research results everyday which are good enough to address the challenges that the transportation industry face. But unfortunately, there has not been a medium to connect transport practices to research results to address the problems. A fundamental objectives of transportation growth initiative is to bridge this gap by:
  1. Bring together transportation researchers
  2. Harness research results
  3. Engage professionals to translate research results into implementable outcome
  4. Engage transportation practitioners
  5. Identify their problems and connect them to appropriate research results


TGI organizes annual conferences, workshops and seminars where regulators, policy makers, practitioners and researchers in the transportation and related industry come together to present high level intellectual and operational papers. These provides platform for
  1. Researchers to identify challenges in the transport industry requiring research,
  2. Practitioners identify professional researchers they can engage to research into specific challenges they are confronted with
  3. Opportunity to exposed research results for public consumption and to provide technical recommendation to authorities for implementations


Transportation practitioners may engage the TGI to undertake specific research in a professional way for addressing known transportation problems for a fee. Government as well can engage TGI for the same purpose, when the need arises.
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