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  1. Membership of the TGI is open to a BSc graduate or its equivalent in the field relating to transportation and with at least two years post qualification experience
  2. Non graduate applicants may be considered if they have at least 5 years cognate experience in the field of transportation and at least an SSCE
  3. Obtain the registration form from the secretariat or the website
  4. Appoint a representative for your organisation (corporate registrants only)
  5. Make payment of the registration fee to the TGI account; ₦200,000.00 for corporate registrants and ₦20,000.00 for individual registrants
  6. Complete the registration form with two passport sized photograph of yourself (individual) or the appointed representative of your organisation (corporate).
  7. Forward a scanned copy of the registration form dully endorsed by you (individual) or the Chief Executive of your organisation (Corporate) to the TGI through and Contact the secretariat on +234 (0) 805 8298 679
  8. Submit to the TGI secretariat hard copy of the completed form with the following attachments
    1. copy of the bank teller or other proof of payment
    2. a letter from a referee (individual) or the CEO of your organisation nominating you to represent the organisation (corporate)
    3. core mandate of your organisation (corporate)
    4. Statement of experience (individual)
    5. Photocopies of educational certificates
    6. Published works on transportation or related field (if any)
  9. Obtain receipt of payment and membership number from the secretariat. Note that the membership number should be quoted in all subsequent correspondences
  10. Wait for the processing of your membership pin-up and certificate which shall be ready within 3 months.
  11. Corporate registrants will be allowed to have 3 of their staff/members as members of the TGI, get 3 membership pin-ups and a certificate which is expected to be displayed in the Chief Executive’s Office
  12. Place the TGI website link on your website
  13. This completes your registration
  14. Membership dues ₦250,000.00 (corporate) and ₦20,000.00 (individual) are expected to be paid within the first 3 months of the New Year.
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